Vanessa Quesnelle and Martin Dockery founded Concrete Drops Theatre back in 2011. Since its birth, the company has toured around the world, yet this is their first time at the Fringe Festival. With the recent success their latest show, Moonlight After Midnight, has found whilst touring, they finally bring it to Scotland.

Moonlight After Midnight is a puzzling story about romance and loss.  A man and a woman find themselves living out their first and last meeting in the hotel room in which they met, with all the action played out in one night of intense confusion. The energy and chemistry portrayed by both actors creates a palpable passion between the characters that really captures the audience’s imagination and makes the love story come to life.

Although this show is only an hour long, the repetitiveness can occasionally be a little overwhelming, almost distorting your sense of time. The rapid pace of the piece is set by the dialogue, which, although simple, can leave you a little perplexed if you lose touch so it’s crucial to concentrate right through to the end, although sometimes the repetition can cause the mind to drift.

Nevertheless, Moonlight After Midnight is the perfect example of the mourning period after the loss of a partner and an incredibly romantic and melodramatic piece of theatre.

Words: Miriam Larrainzar

Picture: Will O’Hare

Moonlight After Midnight, Assembly George Square Theatre, Aug 3-28, 3pm

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