Morgan Berry: Watership Down features ‘Bafrican’ (born in Barnsley, raised in Africa) pet bereavement counsellor Morgan Berry (aka Joe Rowntree) taking the audience on a surreal adventure involving being breastfed by rabbits, playing sponge-in-a bucket with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and travelling to Sierra Leone on a duck!

Rowntree keeps the audience laughing throughout Berry’s increasingly bizarre ‘counselling’, with only a brief lull three-quarters of the way into the show. Examples of Berry’s antics involve dressing one audience member up as a ‘sacrifice to the Bafrican gods’, getting another audience member to hug his pet rabbit and leading the entire audience in a singalong of ‘Bright Eyes’.

Born in Barnsley, raised in deepest, darkest Africa – Morgan Berry is a part of the Free Fringe you don’t want to miss!

Words: Adam Thornton

Morgan Berry: Watership Down, Banshee Labyrinth, 16-30 August (not 24), 6pm

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