How to review a WIP with just three people in the audience? It’s tough but brilliantly Mulholland treats you to a well-conceived and unique performance, always playing with the idea of the conditions the show is being presented in.

Once fully-formed Mulhollandland will almost certainly be a pick of next year’s Fringe, such is the standard of the surreal skits and creative comedic ideas. Set around a ‘Royal Variety Performance’ in a mythical communist state, conceptually it can be a real winner, and a grand vehicle for his talents.

Certain parts, like the mash-up of different types of hack comedian and comedy tropes are extremely neat, whilst surreal parts involving ghost cows and Bowie numbers are true quality.

A review of the expected future – the key thing to take from it is that Mulholland is one to watch for next year.

Words: Tom Crosby

Mulhollandland (Work in Progress), Laughing Horse @ 48 Below, Aug 21-28, 1:15pm 

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