Review: Mustard at Summerhall

Eva O’Connor has a fierce presence, as hot, fiery and burning as the mustard of her play. A one-woman show based around mustard is an intriguing prospect, and this one delivers just the pungent hit to wake you up in the morning.

Eva meets the man of her dreams, dancing in an achingly hip club in Elephant and Castle where she finds a baggy of MDMA in a sanitary bin. She reaches new levels of euphoria as he holds her head in his hands like it’s made of precious stone. There follow days of the sort of sex that makes her worry for her insides, as the two dive into one another. 

Yet he has the assurance that everything he is doing is right: the assurance of the English, one who lives in a ‘crouch end castle’ to boot. She moves in but the only way from the euphoria they felt is down and she begins to unravel as he no longer sees the spark in her, and her ‘mind turns to mustard’.

She seeks the sharp thrill of it by filling a paddling pool and smearing her skin a canary yellow. Such an action in a fringe show is enough to set off alarm bells, but Eva’s skilful writing elevates this above novelty into a breathless, intense show that will have many minds turning back to Mustard this fringe. 

Mustard runs at Bruford at Summerhall at 11.30 am until the 11th

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