The epitome of grace, famed principal ballerina Natalia Osipova brings her classically trained skills to the realm of contemporary in her new performance.

Made up of three distinct acts, including two duets and one pas de trois, created by three different choreographers, allows the dancers the chance to explore their abilities in different ways. The opening act, set to music by The Shangri-Las, is particularly charming, verging on a theatrical performance rather than traditional ballet, that really shows off the chemistry between Osipova and frequent collaborator Sergei Polunin.

However, Natalia Osipova herself steals the scene in every way. She moves with an otherworldly fluidity, as though her body is without bones, pure muscle only, and with a wonderful expressiveness that really draws the audience in.

A fantastic bridge between the classical and the contemporary, Natalia Osipova and Guests is a magical opportunity to experience amazing creativity from dancers and choreographers at their absolute peak.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Natalia Osipova and Guests, Festival Theatre, 12-14 August, 7.30pm

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