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Natasha Noman: Noman’s Land

Noman’s Land is Anglo-Pakistani lesbian journalist Natasha Noman’s one-woman show, which focuses on her experiences working in Pakistan, as well as the difficulties maintaining a secular lesbian lifestyle in such an environment.

Noman employs a range of versatile and well acted characters, from rich airheads to sleazy bootleggers, in a series of anecdotes ranging from acidic observations on Tinder lesbian dating and illegal bootlegging, to more serious commentary on the political situation in Pakistan. These include a casual recounting of the kidnapping of a potential girlfriend’s father by the Taliban, a description of the armoured car used to travel to work to prevent terrorist attacks, and the clashes between outspoken American and more politically cautious Pakistani approaches to journalism.

‘Noman’s Land’ is an intriguing yet funny set, and the talented Noman provides plenty food for thought as well as many opportunities for laughter.

Words: Adam Thornton

Natasha Noman: Noman’s Land, Gilded Balloon, 14-15th August, 7.45pm