Gilded Balloon Teviot is somewhat empty but the lack of audience doesn’t prevent Valvo from filling the room with his flamboyant personality. In this hour long set, he recounts stories from his pre-coming-out days in a Catholic household in suburban Australia then from a different life during his Grindr-using days. Some of these jokes are extremely crude, even for somebody who isn’t particularly prudish, and arguably plays up to some out-dated gay stereotypes.

However, most of Nath’s gags are extremely relatable, especially his observations on parents, and prompt hearty guffaws from the audience. While some jokes fall flat, the gig is successfully kept afloat by Valvo’s vivacious personality.

All in all, there is no doubting that Nath Valvo is a talented comedian but Happy Idiot needs some fine-tuning to truly match his comedic ability.

Words: Joshua Zitser

Nath Valvo: Happy Idiot, Gilded Balloon Teviot, August 4-28, 6.45pm

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