When you have a steady stream of audience members it’s safe to assume some acts may repeat sequences from the previous year. Not Neil Henry. Returning this year with Mindwangler, this year’s show still focuses on tormenting our cortexes and twisting the brain into some very confused positions but contains an entirely new roster of tricks.

Containing sets which are unique and unlike many you will see at the Fringe, Mindwangler demonstrates mental illusion as a precise art form that Henry has mastered. He sells the show to any age, while his ability to make the room feel comfortable whilst they have their minds explored is fascinating.

Unlike a variety of magic performances where a few may claim the clever title of knowing how the magician did it (even if they didn’t see how), Mindwangler manipulates the audience enough to completely shatter any guesswork.

Words: Dominic Corr

Picture : Steve Ullathorne

Neil Henry Mindwangler, Pleasance Dome, Aug 11-28 (not 15), 4.00pm

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