Ever wondered what the correct term for the stub of a dog’s tail is? Neil Henry can inform you; whilst he does that he may also entertain and perplex your mind. With a sense of charisma harkening back to Paul Daniels and the quick witted magical styles of young magicians like Pete Firman, Neil Henry is indeed incredibly talented, if slightly ‘safe’ with some of his tricks. Whilst there is certainly no doubt in his ability, it becomes difficult to judge if Henry is an energetic children’s magician, adult illusionist or is simply extending the mysticism of mindsquirm for all ages.

The show is superb to watch, Henry’s interaction with the audience (especially the children) and genuine sense of enjoyment is made clear. His closing acts are the real coup de grâce to the brain and are reality defying; they simply wipe out the more traditional magical acts which have preceded.

Words: Dominic Corr

Neil Henry’s Magical Mindsquirm, Pleasance Dome, 21-31 August, 4pm

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