Nick Cody is the callback king. The Aussie comic has certainly mastered the textbook approach to stand-up comedy; strong start, links that flow naturally, and well thought out anecdotes.

Now in the latter stages of his twenties one might expect some regrets of a prolonged carefree, youthful attitude, yet we are treated to an unapologetic reminiscence of a way of life that has survived beyond its socially acceptable validity.

The man is very much at ease with himself. The show is a melting pot of observational comedy, complaints, and simple pleasures presented via a cynical man-child cool enough to romanticise anything he chooses.

While there may be a slight lull in the middle, this is forgivable for a comedian who performs as frequently as Cody. And a risqué yarn about an experience in Kabul towards the end may inspire cautious laughter.

Consistently, he amuses, though.

Words: Paul Hyland.

Nick Cody: Come Get Some! Assembly George Square Studios, August 4-14, 16-28, 9.20pm

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