Nicole Henriksen is a feminist. She is also a sex worker. In Makin’ It Rain, she explores the relationship between these two roles with intelligent articulacy and impeccable comedic timing.

She addresses the most common questions she gets asked as a stripper, from what her family think to how it affects her relationships. Her skills as a comedian (she also has a stand up show this Fringe) balance out the serious elements of the show to create a poignant yet fun performance that shies away from no topic.

Henriksen also performs a number of stripteases at intervals throughout the show. The audience are gripped throughout the hour, and these sequences cleverly add weight to her argument that she deserves to be listened to and respected, regardless of her job choice.

A thoughtfully created piece which is truly relevant, as well as funny, Makin’ It Rain is one of the most important hours of this Festival.

Words: Chiara Margiotta 

Nicole Henriksen is Makin’ It Rain, Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 27-28, 5:50pm

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