This is circus with a message. The five women in No Show want to be heard and want to show you that they don’t just have to look pretty and smile all the time to be good performers – that’s not their trick. Women can be as good and better than men, they can be as strong and powerful, they can demonstrate their strength and power in the same way as men. This is what No Show is about. A performance with an edge, they are unlike many other circus shows you might have seen before, stitching together their tricks with humour, honesty and creativity.

Each aspect of their performance develops their message further. Some may be stronger and more effective than others, and not everything is perfectly polished, but that’s the point. They don’t take themselves too seriously, making it a fun show to watch, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take their message seriously. Alongside a fun and, at times, silly set, they still manage to put on a thoroughly impressive and jaw dropping performance with stunts that’ll have you holding your breath.

Breathe, have fun and listen to their story. A fantastic show of talent that is so much more than tumbling and brings circus to a new level. They may not have a trapeze and they may spend a portion of their show eating donuts, but I advise you to show up for No Show.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

No Show, Summerhall, Aug 12-27, 4.15pm

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