Sketch comedy duo Norris and Parker are endlessly entertaining in See You At The Gallows, where they sing, dance and act to perfection.

From musical numbers that hilariously impersonate the original singer, to the case of Barry the Cannibal and a waiter recruitment day, the pair never fail to gain howling laughter. They fully immerse their audience in crazy characters and funny scenes with the help from an ominous piano player.

Interchanging between their own exaggerated personalities and constructed characters kept the show fresh and the humour relatable. They are effortlessly funny and original with every sketch, all tying together perfectly – they really have thought of everything. See You At The Gallows, is sketch comedy at its best from an enthusiastic, fully-committed duo. Norris and Parker truly are hidden gems of the Fringe.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Norris & Parker: See You At The Gallows, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 18-28, 10.45pm

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