The double feature of Arc and Every Action covers the spectrum of emotions, expertly conveying a deep vulnerability through awe-inspiring physical theatre which manages to manifest a tranquil atmosphere even amidst the exhilarating feats above.

Each story resonates with the volume of talent involved in Ockham’s Razor from its performers, technical and production staff. The physical strength and dedication involved requires the utmost praise and is evident to all who witness this production, but what really generates this sense of wonder is just how artistic director Alex Harvey manages to interweave the story, demonstrating bonds of trust, humour and reliance with the technique of the performers. Utilising new and unorthodox staging for their performances, it brings a sense of uniqueness.

Ockham’s Razor is a piece of pure heart and skill, whilst not the longest show this taster is enough to set any heart racing with anticipation.

Words: Dominic Corr

Ockham’s Razor: ‘Arc’ and ‘Every Action’, Underbelly Circus Hub – Lafayette, 7– 26 August, not 13, 20), 1.25pm

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