Tipping Point is an interesting and unique aerial show which focuses on the trust between the performers.

It’s incredible to watch and a little terrifying at times, which is intensified by how close the performers are to the audience. The aerial equipment consists of five metal poles which are constantly being moved and swung around the stage, held up and balanced on with precision, skill and daring ability. Some of the physical movements are simply outstanding and it really hits you how skilled these performers are, as well as touching on their vulnerability and the complete reliance they have upon each other.

Tipping Point is refreshing and different from a lot of the other circus shows on offer, using just one type of aerial equipment within the bounds of the circle drawn at the beginning of the show – well worth watching.

Words: Donna Foulis
Picture: Mark Dawson

Ockham’s Razor: Tipping Point, C Scala, 24-25 August, 3pm

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