Jamie Rees stars in this compelling one-man show charting the rise and fall of comedian and quintessential English thespian, Charles Hawtrey.

Best known for his nerdy, mummy’s boy roles in the Carry On films of the Fifties and Sixties, Oh Hello! celebrates and commiserates Hawtrey’s troubled life.

A cosy cameo set in the living room of the actor’s cherished Kent home. Rees delicately moves between armchair and drinks trolley to construe a brilliant portrait of Hawtrey, plus look out for a few other impersonations of Hawtrey’s famous friends and peers.

It’s a sad tale of a talented actor’s battle with alcoholism, his sexuality, the death of his mother, his peers, the media and a life in the film industry.

Fans of Hawtrey will feel both pity and affection for his decline into personal obscurity and isolation. Rees sympathetically rekindles the memory of an iconic figure, who still remains an enduring figure of British film comedy to this day.

Words: Mark Johnstone

Oh Hello!, Assembly Roxy, 7-31 August, 1.40pm

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