The Cheese of Truth is a silly hour of one-liner concepts and Vine videos from Elliot Quince in the character of a wacky, yet deadpan, Scandinavian uncle, Olaf Falafel. ‘Sweden’s 8th Best Comedian’ is a gentle and lovable one. He acts as a good crutch to Quince’s show that relies heavily, and quite rightly, on his excellent collection of Vines.

Not every joke is terribly original in concept, but most build to create a satisfactory whole. While it may not always be terribly slick, or inventive in topics or delivery, it is consistent in style, tone and with its huge sense of fun.

The main thing it does is showcase Elliot Quince’s tremendous talents as a comedian. He’s already proved himself to be a great illustrator and satirist, as well as strong character comedian, but this show edges him towards a complete display. Lovely, accessible and constantly creative, it’s a clever little joy.

Words: Tom Crosby

Olaf Falafel and the Cheese of Truth, Laughing Horse @ City Cafe, Aug 26-28, 4:15pm

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