Cahill’s show takes its (loose) theme from the rural world of East Anglian Morris dancing. It’s comprised of silly folk songs, off-kilter anecdotes and observational humour, carried off with an almost magical level of charisma. It has the same appeal as an early Mighty Boosh combined with the mania of Vic and Bob.

Everything Cahill does feels like the true spirit of alternative comedy, hitting that corner of your brain that revels in the unusual and unexpected. One tune plays like Jake Thackray as done by George Dawes singing ‘Peanuts!’ – it left the crowd gasping for breath. A sublime bit of cheeky cockney-esque surrealism.

Each song is so well pitched that the straighter stand up can feel a little garbled and lost, unable to maintain the tone after the musical highs.

Still, Cahill has produced a near-perfect absurdist Fringe hour. He’s edging ever-closer to that show that can conquer the Fringe for good.

Words: Tom Crosby

Picture: Ed Moore

Pat Cahill: D.O.T.T, Heroes @ The Hive, Aug 10-28 (not 16), 5:30pm

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