As you’d expect at any of Paul Currie’s shows, his crowd are back and behind their boiler-suited Jesus – he’s fast developing a cult following.

As a comedian and fast-paced clowning tour de force, everything Currie does has the spirit of Vic and Bob, The Young Ones and everything surreal that’s come before or since thrown in.

Despite its energy and excitement not all of the show is directly humorous. There are parts that veer more into pure clowning, they aren’t really jokes, just silly fun. There’s a distinct and glorious crossover between this show and any work he does with children. It feels like it’s trying to unlock that childlike part of an adult brain and indulge it. Some of his extended mime scenes are a sheer joy.

Overall it’s a unique blast of silly that’s found its groove and place amongst the Fringe’s elite.

Words: Tom Crosby

Paul Currie: FFFFFFFMILK! Heroes @ The Hive, Aug 18-28 (not 24), 7:40pm

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