Paul Foot demonstrates an endless anarchic energy from the second he starts trotting about on stage. He aims at every section of the crowd, if not with his material, with his presence. Clearly it’s not for all but patience is highly rewarded.

Foot has a sense of freestyle nonsense usually only appreciated by a minority. It’s tiring to watch him in full swing, jerky and almost neurotic, but always in control. His mania belies a much more measured control of language.

The more focussed the set is, the better he becomes. Bizarre anecdotes aren’t designed to go anywhere, it’s hard to suggest Foot even has material, although what he does have is clearly planned. He’s more of a personality being reinforced by words and actions, than a man who lets the material speak for him.

Surreal, unique, and over all too quickly, he’s the only Paul Foot available at the Fringe.

Words: Tom Crosby

Paul Foot, Underbelly Cowgate, 20-30 August, 7.20pm

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