Game of Dangers is packed with surreal crowd work and high-energy tomfoolery – it’s as impressive as it is tiring. It’s like a knowingly-naff podcast, in which Foot is better and smarter than all concerned.

The guests, Patrick Monahan and Mitch Benn, take to the show with varying degrees of efficiency. Benn especially finds it hard to find a comfortable place against the onslaught of Foot’s bizarre controlling hosting.

The quiz, such as it is, is basically the Darwin Awards. It’s a look at unusual death and injury around the world. Happily, it doesn’t try to stick to a strict structure, but still affords a little too much control to its guests, two of which are plucked from the audience.

As a vehicle for Paul Foot’s particular brand of comedy it’s adequate, however it’s easy to be left wanting more from Foot and less from everyone else around him. The concept just doesn’t give him enough space to shine.

Words: Tom Crosby

Paul Foot’s Game of Dangers, Just the Tonic at The Community Project, Aug 26-27,  6:00pm

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