As soon as he enters the room, Paul Sinha’s dry wit wins the audience over right away. The ex-doctor and self-proclaimed Z-list celebrity then begins an hour-long diary commentary of the lead up to his most recent relationship, complete with a plethora of insight, quips and a whole load of life experience under his belt.

He had a boyfriend, Sinha tells us, who was younger, better looking than him and had a job his parents adored. He was insanely happy and told everybody as such but then, as he was finishing up his first Fringe show, the call came. The next 50 minutes of Shout Out to My Ex takes us on a winding trip down memory lane, through important dates and hilarious side-routes including managing to turn his boyfriend straight and the utter embarrassment of being bumped down to #4 on the list of influential ‘Gaysians’. Could you imagine?

Every twist and turn is punctuated with Sinha’s wry delivery and candid perspective; he dated a Tory, he tells us with empathy and little embarrassment. A true raconteur, or middle-class, liberal, tree-hugging, Guardian reading bedwetter as Sinha prefers to go by, he is raucous in an understated kind of way and an utter treat to observe.

Words: Mikey Glancy

Paul Sinha: Shout Out to My Ex, The Stand Comedy Club, Aug 12-27 (not 14), 4.55pm

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