Paul Thorne is a Great British pessimist; his glass isn’t half full or half empty, but it is covered in thousands of germs which may kill you.

His show is a fantastic musical comedy about doom, gloom, the inevitable end of the world and the number of ways that might happen. Despite this, it’s a brilliant way to spend an hour at the festival.

Thorne has a gift for storytelling, incorporating his audience in his intimate venue into the stories makes the show even better. His comical tales flow neatly into songs, he’s satirical, cynical and very funny.

This show is full of dark twists from apocalypse’s to fundamentalist teddy bears, a wonderful way to come together and laugh at our own negativity.

Words: Katie McKenzie

Paul Thorne: This Month’s Apocalypse, The Stand 2, Aug 23-28, 9.30pm

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