As far as clowning goes, the Fringe Festival is the big top. Clowns of every form fill the venues to get guests giggling and Perhaps Perhaps Quizás does this with charm.

Our protagonist Greta is desperate for love, imagining her big day with toilet paper veils and first dances with suits on hangers. Gabriela Munoz possesses a great talent for expression, and manages to be both funny and heartbreaking without a word.

After a sweet first half following her rehearsing her dream wedding, an audience member is invited up to play the love interest. When heading to the stage, I doubt he realised he would end up stuck there for the rest of the hour. Luckily for us, our polite Mr Right is a good sport, but on a different day, this could easily flop.

Too reliant on audience participation, this performance feels stretched, and despite some nice moments, there’s not quite enough material to make it work for a full hour.

Words: Chiara Margiotta 

Perhaps Perhaps Quizás, Assembly George Square, Aug 26-28, 2.10pm

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