Brace yourself for Peter and Bambi Heaven. Bring waterproof clothing. Leave your mum at home. The likes of this couple have not been seen since Bonnie and Clyde went out in a blaze of glory, since Austin Powers had his last shag. Theatrical, hilarious and above all outrageous, this is the act Fringe has been waiting for and it’s just a question of whether or not you are ready.

Peter and Bambi Heaven have discovered magical love and they’ve come all the way from Australia to share it with you. Over there, they are in high demand. Bambi has a little act with a dozen sticks of chewing gum and some white cowboy boots that the football clubs can’t get enough of, and if you’re lucky, you might get a little taste. Peter is a master instructor in “sexual diablo for ladies” and if the men beg, they could be rewarded with some too.

The act opens with a traditional “saw your wife in half” magic trick. The twist? When Peter opens the box he finds Bambi topless. Her cheek and his bravado make for a potent combination. He isn’t happy, but he doesn’t look surprised either. Magical love comes with some difficulties, but the couple’s confidence and love of success will surely see them through. Until then, try to keep your side from splitting as you watch magic’s loudest personalities clash in bouts of passive aggressive showmanship.

The magic is facetious, the physical humor is hilarious but it’s the character comedy that makes this show shine. Sequined and stunning, magic has never been this absurd.

Words: Emily Hall

Peter and Bambi Heaven: When Love Becomes Magic, Assembly George Square Gardens, Aug 21-27, 10.35pm

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