In The Mash House’s Attic, Peter White immediately puts his audience at ease. He begins his act by dissipating the shared awkward tension with direct address and self-deprecation.

Peter White: Straight White Male is rooted in its named identifier. In the show, White uses his experiences as a self-identified straight white male in contrast to other identifiers. With self- deprecation and observational humor, he addresses the cost of privilege through identity, effectively bringing laughter and thought to his experiences.

However, White’s approach to the subject of body size contradicts his message and self-aware persona. Though the show conscientiously examines racism, homophobia and sexism, it is completely ignorant of sizeism.

As a stand-up show, it is successful in delivering laughter and consideration regarding sexuality, gender and race. As a piece promoting discrimination awareness, it fails when it comes to weight.

Words: Sara Vollen

Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Peter White: Straight White Male, Just the Tonic at The Mash House – Just the Attic August 4-28 (not 15), 6.20pm

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