Look, you’re tired, I’m tired, the acts are tired. It’s the end of the Fringe. So, heaven praises Phil Ellis for having the energy and grace to continue onwards over the final hurdles. Three weeks ago, hell even one week ago, Fringe 2017 would have been prime for this show. It’s easy to imagine that for a packed room, half-tanked and ready to interact, this would be the perfect show. It’s interactive nature, however, leave the show open for many pitfalls. Some jokes land, some don’t, it’s all very slap dash and winged.

There’s a disjointed element and it’s unclear if anyone has any real clue about what is going on outside of the thin premise. Which, for your information, is that Ellis has been cryogenically frozen for three years and has finally awoken. Helped by trusty robot sidekick TK Maxx, who is marvellous, Ellis must complete challenges to prove himself worthy of 2017.

It’s carnage, unintended or intentional. Pure, unadulterated chaos. It needs a big audience to drown any mumbles of confusion, which there’s going to be. In a quiet room, you can see the glaring holes which would usually be filled in. Regardless, Ellis has an entertaining edge to him, with a delightful manner. Just see him earlier next year.

Words: Dominic Corr

Phil Ellis Has Been on Ice, Just the Tonic @ The Mash House, Aug 25-27, 7.40pm

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