Topless and wearing jeans-ripped- into-shorts, Phil Ellis storms onto the front stage – the wildness to follow is apparent from the onset.

He questions the audience at one point: “why did you come here?!” Normally a bad sign. However, for Ellis, this only helps enhance the character he plays; a delusional divorcee and a long-enduring failure.

The hour-long show is Ellis’ step-by- step guide on how he got over his ex-wife and moved on. Each step is chosen using a malfunctioning spin-the- wheel device – rather symbolic to his character.

The show uses a wide range of props as well as videos to compliment his rather crazy humour. A great use of improv rescues him from a few off-key gags and functions well with the heavy audience engagement.

Phil Ellis’ outlandish performance is an unforgettable experience that is sure to entertain.

Words: Calum Wilson

Phil Ellis is Alone Together (But Mostly Alone), Underbelly (Cowgate), Aug 7-28 (not 15), 5.40pm

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