Know nothing about Phil Nichol? Have no fears because Twenty will condense nineteen years’ worth of Fringe performances into one hour. Hold your breath, say a prayer and witness a cataclysm of humour at breakneck speeds.

Nichol is a delightfully welcoming host, greeting the audience before the show and discussing his previous works. Refreshingly, he acknowledges his own shortcomings as a comic and elaborates on the evolution he has had from character performer to deadpan, transitioning into the stand-up he is now.

Vocally, Nichol outshines many performers at the Fringe, with lyrics just as humorous as his comedy routines. Years whizz past the audience’s eyes, some jokes land a killer blow and others a small fizzle. Regardless there is something you will find amusing. If there isn’t then, quite frankly, you’re missing a trick.

Words: Dominic Corr

Phil Nichol: Twenty, Assembly Checkpoint, Aug 16-28, 9.45pm

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