There are limited circumstances under which Phil Wang thinks that he can die a hero, so someone should let him know that Kinabalu probably qualifies him. The show starts with how he finally reached adulthood and finishes with his future aspirations, and managed to touch on everything from camping to the coming race war in between.

Find out what scary movies and spicy food have in common. Learn how to accomplish all of your dreams. Discover the circumstances under which white people can experience racism and the unique perks of being East Asian. Wang spares no truth and bars no subject for his audience. He is prepared to be a race traitor, to condemn nostalgia and even to call out fellow Fringe performers. He is prepared to reprove women for the one privilege they do have because they have it and he doesn’t but he wants it. He is cheeky. He is brash. He is bold. He is a little bit creepy sometimes, but as long as the vicar’s daughter forgives him you can too.

His vision of the world is unique, allowing him to spot even the most elusive bullshit. In a Fringe full of low-hanging fruit from the news, he wastes no time on repeat material. Everything he says is thrillingly novel and often stunningly insightful. The punchlines will surprise, delight and disgust you. By attending this show, you might put your blissful innocence on the line, but the one thing you will not risk is boredom.

Words: Emily Hall

Phil Wang: Kinabalu, Pleasance Courtyard, 17-27, 7pm

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