One woman tour de force Pippa Evans is back for Fringe 2017, with her latest show, Joy Provision.

A cabaret and variety show at its core, Joy Division sees Pippa explain her twofold goals: bringing joy in these dark times and achieving enough success to never come to the Edinburgh Festival ever again.

Much of this joyful show veiled an amusing cynicism. Pippa was at once the audience’s teacher – delivering musical lessons on the small joys of winking with glee – and their patient – confessing anxieties about whether or not she is a good person.

At any given time she can be expected to effortlessly cascade into song, improvised in response to personal details extracted – sometimes reluctantly – from the audience. Her cultural and musical fluency made for an often funny combination in tandem with her childlike revelry at her less mature jokes.

Endless energy launched the show from topic to topic, her musings at times barely pulling together songs about admin and tirades about empire.

While Pippa promised to help the audience find true joy, at some points the constant motion seemed a bit forced. Her enthusiasm was checked by her ambition, leaving the crowd in the lurch as so much was crammed into so little time with Pippa relying on the last five minutes to pull it all together.

Words: Emily Hall

Pippa Evans: Joy Provision!, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 3-17, 2.40pm

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