The podcast No Such Thing As A Fish  is the audible engine room of TV staple QI. Four ‘Elves’, or researchers to you and me, present four key facts each show. Whilst each fact is unique to its ‘elf’, the others have researched around the topic, bringing their own angles to the table.

It’s gentle, honest and unexpectedly funny, not stand-up territory but never academic or dry. The chemistry between the four regulars is obvious and the fact they don’t know each other’s findings beforehand keeps it fresh.

Among the astonishing facts are revelations including Alexander Fleming creating living paintings with coloured bacteria, early recipes for ambergris (sperm whale secretion), flavoured ice cream and the fact that Camembert used to be green.

Predictably No Such Thing As A Fish is very well researched, whilst containing the humour and charm to be far more than the sum of its parts.

A more focussed version of QI, which is arguably superior to the main product.

Words: Tom Crosby

QI: No Such Thing A Fish, Underbelly Potterow, 27-30 August, 7:30pm

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