At the Underbelly’s Ermintrude venue, you can find yourself in an alternate reality. A dark noir-esque one that echoes the works of Fincher with its haunting electronic soundscape and corporate aesthetics.

Poena 5×1 is the theatrical contemporary to Black Mirror and Mr. Robot. Like its television contemporaries, it examines cultural anxieties concerning modern society and technology in a dark satirical mode. Distinctive with its focus on pharmaceuticals, it follows Bryony Adams, a scientist facing a promethean dilemma of ethics and consequences.

Poena 5×1 leaves its audience with new perspective and awareness to societal predicaments usually faced mindlessly. At some points, transitions between forms of narration lack distinction, making it hard to follow occasionally. Overall, it is a great piece of theatre, especially for those who enjoy biting into commentative speculative fiction.

Words: Sara Vollen

Photo: Richard Davenport

POENA 5X1 or How I Came To Agree With The Right-Wing Thinking, Underbelly Med Quad – Ermintrude, 4-29 (not 17) August, 3.20pm

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