Poggle is the perfect show for young kids, and captures their sense of wonderment about what’s going on around them. Set in a woodland, the mischievous Poggle takes their new friend on an adventure and encourages them to overcome their fear of climbing trees and getting muddy.

It’s fun, musical and at 30 minutes, just the right length for a very young crowd. Pulling everyone up out of their seats and into the ‘woods’ to stack branches over Poggle and explore the scenery, produces lots of little laughs and exclamations of delight.

Overall the show succeeds in keeping their audience entertained as well as showcasing some fun, witty choreography. It’s a light, friendly and entertaining show, great at drawing you into the imagination of a child.

Words: Donna Foulis

Poggle, Dance Base, 5-21 August 1:30pm

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