Imagine your favourite American cartoon, throw in every cliché and milk it – you have Police Cops; but this is what makes the show so absurdly hilarious. This epic, fast paced, adrenaline-fuelled show will keep you laughing through the entire hour.

You won’t have time to catch your breath before they make their next punchline. Police Cops follows the story of a young police officer who’s brother’s dying wish is for him to be “the best police cop ever”. In pursuit of his brother’s dying wish, he teams up with ex-police cop legend, Harrison, to solve their biggest crime yet.

The talented trio play numerous characters, from a Mexican villain cat, to real ‘Murican cowboys, with even the actors finding it hard to keep a straight face at times. It was no surprise that the entire audience gave a standing ovation at the end.

Words: Lucinda Ross

Police Cops, Pleasance Dome, Aug 10-28 (not 17, 24), 9.45pm

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