It is seldom you find a queer cabaret that truly delivers in all regards, but the diversity Pollyanna celebrates secures its place at the top of the list.

The show marks its third year at the Edinburgh Fringe and is shifting constantly. The line-up fluctuates from night-to-night, with the show offering up its stage to those looking to experiment. There is a plethora of queer entertainment on offer: this year’s regulars hail Betty Grumble, famed ecosexual clown, to resident queen Desert Storm, who suffered a fractured elbow in the middle of a routine last Fringe for the sake of audience entertainment.

Pollyanna is a test-bed for the weird and the wonderful, adopting the likes of spoken word poets, drag kings and an international brigade of performance artists, comedians and DJ’s as its own in a polyamorous cross-discipline party of lycra and irreverence. There is an undeniable steady political undercurrent which shapes meaning in the mayhem, and acts as a gentle reminder that the reason we can celebrate now is down to the performance-as-protest pioneering of trail-blazers past.

A cacophony of rampant filth and backyard decadence, Pollyanna is the only queer collective you want to see this Fringe.

Words: Mikey Glancy

Pollyanna, Paradise Palms, Aug 20-24, 11pm

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