Poneydance, hailed ‘champions of comedy dance theatre,’ certainly earn this title with Ponies Don’t Play Football, in which they use movement in creative and fun ways and raise laughs from the audience as they go.

Off to a bit of a strange start with all the twerking, one of the dancers assures you that “don’t worry, that’s not the show”, just something they had to get out of the way. These little interjections where they talk about what’s going on really give the show a lift, adding to the existing playful sense of humour. The dancers and live musicians switch places to end the show on a hilariously entertaining note.

It’s a very watchable show and while there was one stand out solo routine, other parts of the show just didn’t quite make their mark dance wise.

Words: Donna Foulis

Ponies Don’t Play Football, Dance Base, 27-30 August, 9.30pm

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