Upon entering the intimate performance space of the Piccolo Tent, the audience is graced with the haggard, world weary clown that is Puddles slumped in a chair in the middle of the stage and suddenly Pity Party is no longer a mystery.

Fans of Puddles are sitting with a feverish anticipation; a stark contrast to the curious bewilderment of new fans. Despite being an online hit with over 20 million YouTube views, he still manages to enthral and surprise with his arsenal of song covers and homages to old and current artists alike. Puddles commands the stage and audience with sensational charisma (no easy feat as he does not speak beyond gestures and the occasional pained whimper) tailoring his songs to his own brand of uniquely funny comedy.

Puddles Pity Party is a show of genuine brilliance and total insanity that guarantees the audience will be leaving with a smile on their face and a wealth of songs stuck in their heads.

Words: James Brown

Puddles Pity Party: Let’s Go!, Assembly George Square, Aug 5-29 (not 15, 22), 7.25pm

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