Review: Infinita at Pleasance Courtyard

Following sell-out performances in 2015 and 2016, Familie Floz were sorely missed at last year’s Fringe, but the Berlin-based troupe are back with a new show that is already delighting the Edinburgh crowds.

Infinita continues their trademark style of silent masked physical theatre but moves away from the madcap antics and slapstick wit that made Teatro Delusio and Hotel Paradiso such a success, with a story based in a nursing home for the elderly.

There is still a lot of humour here, but with death and the indignities of old age to the fore, it’s necessarily more sombre and slower-paced. At times, that pace drops too far, and some of the momentum is lost – the 90-minute length really would benefit from a trim – but when it’s in full flow it’s a joy to behold. The pyjama-clad inhabitants of the old-folks home – the twitching pill-addict, the ageing lothario, the shuffling incontinent – are equal parts lost souls and naughty children, jostling for supremacy and dementing their put-upon nurse, unwilling to succumb to the inevitable date with death without a fight.

Interspersed with this, and brilliantly mirroring it, are scenes from their earliest childhood, as a fat baby and several cheeky toddlers test out their newfound abilities to walk, climb, squabble and get what they want. The performers’ minute observation of human movement and sublime skills of interpretation are razor-sharp, effortlessly bringing into focus how similar are the earliest and the last stages of life– and how horribly short is the gap in between.

Infinita, The Grand at Pleasance Courtyard, until 27 August, 1.35pm

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