Review: Inflatable Space at Assembly Roxy

Thaddeus Philips returns to the fringe with this fascinating account of the 1977 Voyager Space Probe on its journey to the edge of our galaxy, and, its secondary mission to carry a record of human civilisation into the depths of space. Featuring the music of Chuck Berry and some great throwback 70’s costumes and technology the science is light-hearted and well explained.

In fact, until this show, I have never really understood the theorised doughnut-shape of the universe or the possible function of a black hole. Using a doughnut, a flashlight and a Krispy Kreme box, all became incredibly clear. 

A subtle and careful portrayal of Stephen Walters, a man whose destiny and purpose in life was tied to the voyager probe, provides moments for dramatic introspection that the performers do not miss out on. The star of the show, the inflatable ring made, we are told, by a man in Mexico, and a small imitation of the voyager on a selfie stick swung about the audience.

In equal parts physical theatre, drama and science lesson Inflatable Space takes on some difficult subject matter simplifies it and creates a mesmerising hour of entertainment.

Inflatable Space is at Assembly Roxy – Central at 4.15 pm until the 26th

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