Review: There She Is at PQA Venues at Riddle’s Court

After a short run as a work in progress last year, There She Is returns for a full month crack at this year’s Festival. While you would expect a fully worked out show after a year, this production would even leave someone like Björk scratching their head.

The plot revolves around a predicament: A whale has suddenly beached in the Tube in London and all communication is down. Gabriela Flarys’ solo show explores one woman’s misadventures based on the diverse lives of the capital’s citizens.

On paper, this is probably a funny show. Flarys is a proficient physical performer whose choreography of busy city life is whimsical and amusing – not to mention identical to what was happening at the venue’s doorstep.

When it came to the spoken parts however, it was difficult to distinguish anything. If it weren’t for keywords spoken, one wouldn’t be able to connect the dots. Additionally, the performance is spattered with poorly recreated train station announcements that would suddenly cut off – this was more distracting than anything.

Research for the show came from interviews with people who moved from abroad to London and it is pretty evident. At times, it feels as if you are watching Flarys take on a new character when that may not be the case (or vice-versa where she’s still the same person from the last scene).

Regrettably, this show is lost in translation. It was not easy to understand what was happening, never mind trying to take anything away from the piece. Essentially the production takes on more than it can communicate in 45 minutes.

There She Is runs at PQA Venues @Riddle’s Court – Q1 at 8 pm until the 26th (not 14th)

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