Review: xoxo Moongirl at Assembly Checkpoint

Xoxo Moongirl exemplifies how elements of aerial skills can powerfully enhance a show. It is an exquisite aerial display and a hauntingly beautiful piece of storytelling that is both heartwarming and wrenching.

Nicole Burgio’ semi-autobiographical piece explores the complexities within family relationships, domestic abuse and hope. Although the themes are heavy, they are weighted with moments of humour and charm making this a delicate and coruscating piece. The set is humble yet effective; a table, a trapeze, a red silk and a cello player. By the side of the table, sits Melanie Hsu with her instrument as though part of the furniture, her eerily warm voice interlaced with the moodiness of the cello intensifies the piece as the story is told. 

Nicole narrates her story, flitting to and fro characterising her often inebriated mother. Her ‘drunk’ acting is powerful, even more so when she staggers to the silk to perform. The audience are intoxicated by her likability and the infusion of physical theatre elements such as acrobatics subtly heighten the piece even further. Nicole fluidly moves around the small space like calligraphy. The moments of aerial grip the audience so intensely that there is no applause after each.

A fantastic piece of storytelling with a breathtaking ending sequence, xoxo Moongirl is the pearl you are searching for this fringe!

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