Rhys James is incredibly funny in his brand new show, Rhys James Forgives.

The show is a mixture of clever puns, comedy poems and voiceover, with a good measure of music and jokes thrown in too. James reminisces about the good old days of the nineties; preaches about watermelons and tells us what its like being a self confessed prankster.

His character is infectious, and like a real prankster, he allows you to both laugh with and at his very privileged, sense of humour, not once alienating his audience. His humour is casual and effortless, engaging us from start to finish.

Rhys James is both entertaining and provocative for audiences of all ages. He is able to find humour in just about anything – including himself – which is a delight to see.

Words: Katie McKenzie

Rhys James Forgives, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 18-28, 4.45pm

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