This is the best show title of this, or any, Fringe.

The show’s ‘Rage Against the Machine’ style opening video, doesn’t kick things off well: it is too long and simplistic, we are warned, but still. Conversely, the show itself is immediately an engaging, creative and subversive piece of comedy. Certain skits are sublime and the concept of observational tragedy was a joy. Even the parts that don’t elicit the deepest of laughs link perfectly to the later half to create a comprehensively strong whole.

It’s a slight parody of the world-weary Scottish comic, dealing with the grind of the industry and the hack-ery of his contemporaries. Ultimately, Brown has created a strong piece of political and social commentary wrapped in a perfectly thought-out deconstruction of his own place in the comedy firmament.

Words: Tom Crosby

Richard Brown: Stop, Children, What’s That Sound? Everybody Look, It’s Richard Brown! Just the Tonic at The Caves, Aug 22-28, 12:40pm

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