Richard Carpenter is Close to You is a heartwarming parody of one half of the famous 70s duo, The Carpenters. Written and performed by the tremendously talented Matthew Floyd Jones, a pianist himself, this amusing spoof will give you a look into the ups and downs of success.

Jones brings the character of Richard Carpenter – otherwise known as the not so talented second half of The Carpenters – to life, allowing us to journey along with him as he experiences many knock backs his career after the loss of his much loved sister Karen Carpenter.

Along with amazing live renditions of some of the band’s original songs, the audience also gets to experience an accurate vision of a broken man who no longer knows how he fits into his world. Jones’ desperate attempt to reach the audience and get them to participate is met with failure, only highlighting Richard’s entrapment in his sister’s shadow, and his frantic need to escape.

Despite the title, the audience can expect more than just a simple Richard Carpenter impersonation. Instead, you will be taken on a journey that questions identity, failure and the power of accepting oneself.

It is safe to say that Richard Carpenter is Close to You is a one of a kind show worth both your time and money, yet perhaps more suited to Carpenter fans, who are the most likely to fully appreciate the amusing jokes and references.

Words: Miriam Larrainzar

Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Richard Carpenter is Close to You, Underbelly George Square, Aug 2-27 (not 15), 5.20pm

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