Richard Gadd had a stunning Fringe in 2015. Initially, it’s a mystery that he’s performing at the Free Fringe, in a venue he could fill three or four times over, but as the show develops it becomes painfully clear.

This is a very different beast.

It’s a total gear shift, a subversion of the one-man play, a confessional driven by delicately insecure internal monologues. The monkey is the nagging prehistoric voice in his mind, the negative manifestation of a horrific event some six years previous.

He plays the comedy with some of the same multimedia cheat codes of last year. Videos, pre-recorded voices and the overall high-concept, masks the neat, but sometimes predictable humour, whilst the show slips into drama.

But, unlike Waiting for Gaddot, this is all him. A cunning subversion of his profile used to blow open perceptions of manliness and the stigma surrounding depression. It earned him a standing ovation.

Words: Tom Crosby

Richard Gadd: Monkey See Monkey Do, Banshee Labyrinth, Aug 8-28, 9.45pm

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