A decade after his Oh Fuck, I’m 40 show, Richard Herring recounts the drastic turns he has made in his life, going from a drunk 40-something, desperately holding onto his youth, to a happily married 50 year old with a child.

Retrospective in his humour, Herring presents a bittersweet performance. He looks back at the mistakes he’s made with hilarity, and he talks of his present – mainly of his new-found paternal duties – with joy. Yet, despite his teddy-bear appeal, Herring reverts to lamenting over his failing sex appeal, his disappointing orgasms and sagging balls. This works surprisingly well. The bubbly optimism is heart-warming to hear but we all love a bit of pessimism in our comedy.

Herring was surprisingly thought-provoking as he candidly explored the human condition. Despite the warm tone of the show and his clever script, the gimmicky props and plug-ins for his products detract from this a little. The show could have benefitted from some refinement to add to the quality a little.

Certainly, Richard Herring is a funny and witty man and his show glows with his clever humour, but some shortcomings bring the show out of reach of the quality it could achieve.

Words: Calum Wilson

Richard Herring: Oh Frig, I’m 50!, Pleasance Courtyard , Aug 15–26, 7.30pm

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