In Monsters, Richard Todd might start off a little shaky, but as the show goes on he undoubtedly finds his groove. His awkwardness adds a certain lovability to his performance and gives off a sense of genuineness which helps the audience connect.

Monsters is an interesting and entertaining take on mental health and the inner demons inside Todd’s head. His neurotic nature occasionally makes things seem a little chaotic, but this all adds to his style. His material is original, and delivered with exceptional comic timing. Using his pain as his inspiration, Todd’s show might not be exactly happy-go-lucky, but it is definitely painfully funny. His references to his stunted social skills growing up add a relatable element, while some excellent gags involving a Henry Hoover and a delinquent bottom mark out a few of the highlights of the hour. Plus, his skit about the various hobbies he employed to rid him off his Monsters will leave you nothing short of a pain in your side.

Richard Todd is definitely an up and coming talent that deserves a larger audience.

Words: Kirsty Taylor

Richard Todd: Monsters, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, Aug 19–27, 1pm

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