You have not lived until you have heard one of Rob Oldham’s tonal prose poems. He may be straight out of university, but his amateur poems demonstrate the emotional bravery of a much older man. He also has a thing or two to teach us. Is Deliveroo a sign of the end times? Why is branding so important? Why are comedians so into murder documentaries? Oldham has all the answers.

In only forty minutes, he covers a wide range of subjects, capturing the room with his comedic rhythm and spot-on timing. He has the instincts and flow of a much more experienced comedian. If his stories don’t all tie together perfectly or lack an overarching theme, his hilarious facial expressions will make you forget it. Oldham tackles tough topics like the rise of China and the misuse of nostalgia with the same flippant insight he uses to explain the student left and Jack Black. Whether it’s a shock reveal, cringe-worthy speculation or advanced metaphor, Oldham is equipped to make you understand the truth and to make you enjoy it at that.

The small, casual venue perfectly fits Oldham’s amicable, conversational style but he expressed a lack of enthusiasm about trekking out to Marchmont to contribute to the free Fringe below ground, so catch him at the Cellar Monkey now before you have to compete with the crowds for eight-quid tickets to see him on the other side of the Meadows.

Words: Emily Hall

Rob Oldham: Brink, The Cellar Monkey, 17-27, 10pm

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