While there are those lucky enough to have a mind for scientific investigation, there are still many of us for whom science goes straight over the head. If you have felt to be one of those swimming in the deep end when the matter comes up in conversation, fear not, for Robert Newman’s The Brainshow will explain all, and what’s more, with the surprising element of laughter.

After being rejected from a scientific experiment that attempts to use images to determine the so-called ‘love spot’, Newman decided to embark on a show that includes rather than excludes the audience, despite its focus on scientific jargon. Newman, as an ‘anomaly’, spins wondrous wit from his own experience of being the excluded.  Your mind may wander a little at some of the longer explanations, but your funny bone is sure to be tickled.

Words: Perrine Davari

Robert Newman: The Brainshow, Summerhall, Aug 5-28, 7.15pm

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